The Virgo Killer

The only photo that could be taken to the famous sniper.

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Anaksha is a series of games which is about how a woman, in a corrupt and dangerous city called Santa Lina, decides to take a stand against crime. She does so by killing the worst kind of "trash" that lies in the city. The most common way she does this is with a rifle. Soon after she became a wanted sniper she got tagged as the famous "Virgo Killer". She was tagged by this name because the only picture they captured of her was her tattoo on her left arm. As time passed the citizens of Santa Lina started to know her as the Angel of Mercy. Get immersed in this great adventure and start playing the game at

Anaksha's HistoryEdit

It was a dark, misty night in Santa Lina, CA. Many ships were going in and out of the West Docklands (Santa Lina's international shipping gateway) so nobody payed any special attention to one particular cargo freighter which had just arrived from India.

John, the supervisor at dock 4, was getting ready to clock out and head home. He had one final inspection which was overseeing the unloading of cargo off the Indian freighter. Everything seemed OK until he heard a faint noise coming from inside one of the containers.

He was shocked to discover a terrified little 12 year old stowaway hiding in the corner. Her name was Anaksha. She had fled in terror from her East Indian homeland and illegally ended up in Santa Lina, America's most notorious city. Cold, tired, weak and hungry, she came in search of hope and happiness. But all she had found was more violence and corruption.

John took her home to his wife Becky. They'd been trying to have children for years without any success. Becky wasn't impressed with John for bringing an illegal stowaway into their home, but when she learned of Anaksha's troubled past they both decided to fight the legal system to try and adopt her. After a long, hard battle they finally won the right to embrace her as their own daughter.

But despite this brilliant streak of luck there was no escaping the harsh environment she was going to be facing.

Many years went by as she witnessed brutality and bloodshed all around and put up with racism and verbal abuse. But she managed to remain strong and survived the hell she was in thanks to two wonderful people in her life.

One was her best friend Zara who she met on her first day of high school. Zara was Anaksha's refuge from the bullying and harassment she suffered at the hands of the other students.

The other person in her life was Edward, Becky's Father, who she lovingly referred to as 'Baba Ji' (which means 'Respected Elder' in Hindi/Urdu). Edward was a retired marine (and ex-special ops) who lived with John and Becky. When he learned of the hard times and bullying Anaksha was facing at school he decided to take matters into his own hands. Despite his injured leg, he taught Anaksha hand-to-hand self-defence and marksmanship. He was proud to see his only 'Granddaughter' excel in both areas and was even happier knowing she could look after herself. This was much to the dismay of John and Becky who were left to deal with complaints from the parents of school bullys who had come home with missing teeth, broken ribs and fractured limbs.

Anaksha and Zara eventually blossomed into beautiful young women and graduated from college before getting part time jobs. Anaksha became desensitized to all the crime and corruption around her and for a long time and learned to live with it. Being the shy, anti-social type she stayed clear of parties and social gatherings. Being the lone wolf type she felt she didn't need anyone anyway. Zara remained her best and only friend. She was the sister she never had as a child and Anaksha was more than content with their close friendship.

But trouble soon reared its ugly head later on in life when a series of tragic events led to Zara's murder. The death of her closest companion was too much for her. Flashbacks flooded her mind as she saw history repeat itself.

The emotional pressure built and built until it finally caused Anaksha to snap. Armed with a sniper rifle and fuelled only by pure burning rage and hatred she hunted down and brutally slaughtered those who had wronged her.

She didn't realise it at the time but this was only the beginning. She had begun a war on evil and despite finding closure she soon realised her work was not done. The city was full of criminal scumbags who were making life a living hell for the citizens. Something deep down inside was urging her to do something about it. Maybe fate had brought her to Santa Lina for a reason? She tried to forget about it and return to a normal life. She tried hard to ignore it but the calling was too strong. From caterpillar, to chrysalis to butterfly, she had transformed. A new hero had risen from within the burning embers of hell.

Nobody knew who this mysterious dark angel was, yet every two-bit thug and rapist quaked at the mere mention of her name. The police knew nothing about this so-called 'Virgo Killer' (not even her gender), yet she sent chills down their spines when they saw what was left of her victims. She was the city's most feared and most dangerous criminal yet the public worshipped her and hailed her a hero. They praised her as night after night she struck terror into the heart of the criminal underworld, delivering her own brand of dark justice.

The little girl who came in search of freedom had now become a shining beacon of hope for the people of Santa Lina.


The Anaksha game series is divided into two types of games. One is a flash-based sniper simulation, and the other one is a classic RPG combined with an interesting treasure hunt. On these games you will be playing the role of Anaksha - a deadly, rifle-wielding huntress who believes she is helping society by cleaning up the crime-riddled streets. You'll be given some tips to know what to do next. Your job is to arm yourself with the right equipment, seek out your target and deal with them appropriately. As the story goes along you will meet new characters (they can be either allies or enemies) with an important role each. Some characters will appear more than others, but all of them have an important role in the development of the story.

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Anaksha was created by Arif Majothi, a UK based screenwriter, illustrator and independent games developer.


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