Dee (or D for short); an 80's-obsessed, blonde-haired gamer/geek girl who pretty much lives her life inside her computer and her XBox. Although D is a little too young to remember the early 80's, she remains a devoted fan of the technology and the music from the era, especially Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Dee used to work as an intern in the security department for the local government. Whilst there, she discovered a lot of security holes and flaws with their database systems and found countless bugs in the software being developed by the "monkeys" in their IT department. She made many attempts to offer help and advice on fixing the issues but her colleagues mocked and laughed at her because she was "a female intern who knew nothing."

After a year, she quit due to constant sexual discrimination and harassment, and eventually met Anaksha. Dee is not only Anaksha's best friend, but also her main source of intel on whats going on in the city.